Keep up to date with the latest events and offerings from Modern Money Lab. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, but we will be programming a wide range online and face-to-face events and talks in Adelaide and other major Australian cities.

Systems Thinking for Sustainability

Watch a recording of this online talk with Dr Vishnu Prahalad from the University of Tasmania.

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Rethinking Capitalism Weekend

Economics where People and the Environment matter.

This two-day seminar includes discussion on some of the most pressing economic issues facing Australia today. Topics include inequality, insecurity, climate change, state capture, the federal budget and a campaign for a fairer and more sustainable economy, drawn from modern monetary theory and ecological economics.

Course outline

Adapted from a university economics subject, the course is divided into nine units, each of which features a 20-30 minute introduction, a 10-15 minute video and at least 20 minutes of small-group discussion.


Adjunct Associate Professor Steven Hail, Lecturer at Torrens University Australia and Economist at Modern Money Lab.

The next session of Rethinking Capitalism will be held in Vermont, USA
Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October

Online Course Information Sessions

Join one of our next zoom Q and A sessions for prospective students

These are casual sessions for anyone interested in the Economics of Sustainability courses to meet the Academic Director.
Please email for more information, scheduled times and the zoom link.

A Selection of Modern Money Talks

Modern Money Doughnuts podcast

Modern Money Doughnuts is a weekly podcast about Modern Monetary Theory and ecological economics.

What have doughnuts to do with modern money? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Gabrielle Bond and Steven Hail explore the relationship between The Deficit Myth and Doughnut Economics. All episodes available here.

Steven Hail MMT and Ecological Economics lecture at the second MMT Summer School

This is an online lecture delivered by Associate Professor Steven Hail (Torrens University) to the participants of the 2nd MMT Summer School in Poznań on August 12, 2022. The annual event provides an international learning environment for those interested in deepening their knowledge of the modern money: its origins, the notion of tax-driven money, inflation, modelling MMT’s price theory, and the MMT-based policy proposals, such as Job Guarantee and Green New Deal.

University of Adelaide 2020 Harcourt Lecture given by Professor Stephanie Kelton.


Professor Kelton is a Professor of Public Policy and Economics at Stony Brook University, and a senior economic adviser to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. Professor Kelton was recently listed by Bloomberg as “one of the 50 people who defined 2019”. The lecture was entitled ‘The Deficit Myth’, and explored MMT, Modern Monetary Theory – a concept that proposes government deficits, that avoid inflation, can help fight a myriad of problems including inequality, poverty and unemployment, climate change, housing, and health care.

Valedictory Lecture – University of Adelaide 2021 – given by Dr Steven Hail.

In his final public lecture at the University of Adelaide, Steven Hail discussed the philosophical basis for studying economic, social and environmental issues.

He argued that we should always be rethinking the questions we ask and the approaches we use to evaluating policy options, and that economics has become trapped in a paradigm which limits its usefulness in the 21st century. We need to look beyond this paradigm if we are to meet the urgent challenges which lie ahead. 

Environmental As Anything interview with Steven Hail

Professor Steven Hail of Torrens University and the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity is the featured guest on the Environmental AS Anything podcast, 5th May 2022. He is eminently qualified to help blow away the cobwebs from our our understanding of modern monetary systems.

Listen online here

An Introduction to the MMT Debate: Why Deficits Matter (But the COVID Debt Doesn’t), with Dr. Steven Hail ESA – ACT Branch

Economics Society of Australia webinar 2020, given by Dr Steven Hail. Economic Society of Australia ACT is one of the larger branches of the Economic Society, boasting a membership of 300+ members across a variety of sectors including the public service, academe, private and NGOs.

Centre for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy 2019 Lecture, given by Philip Lawn

A/Prof Phillip Lawn is an ecological economist who is affiliated with the Centre for Full Employment and Equity (CoFEE) at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is also a Research Fellow with the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity & a member of the Wakefield Futures Group (South Australia).

This talk was part of an event “Dialogue for a Sustainable Economy” at the Sydney Mechanic School of Arts on December 7th 2019.

ANZ Institutional Banking, MMT for a Post-Covid World, interview with Steven Hail and Richard Yetsenga (ANZ Chief Economist).

The rise in interest in MMT – or Modern Monetary Theory – would have occurred regardless of the movement’s sharp rise in relevance on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Dr Steven Hail, Lecturer, School of Economics at The University of Adelaide.

Although he acknowledges post-pandemic monetary policy had helped highlight the intricacies of MMT, Dr Hail said the old system of thinking was under pressure anyway. Listen online here

Rosa Luxemburg Foundations 2019 Lecture on MMT, Monetary Sovereignty & Sustainable Prosperity in Africa, given by Associate professor Fadhel Kaboub.

“Countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, and Australia, among others, enjoy full financial sovereignty, which gives them a wider fiscal policy space to finance domestic job creation, public infrastructure, education, public health, and social services. Most developing countries have limited financial sovereignty because of their substantial foreign debt, which limits but does not entirely prevent them from introducing a scaled down version of job creation programs that enhance quality of life and economic prosperity for their citizens.”

Modern Money Australia 2020 Interview, of Warren Mosler (founder of Modern Monetary Theory) by Con Michalakis.

A public conversation between Warren Mosler and Con Michalakis about ‘macroeconomics done right’, the lens of Modern Monetary Theory, and how this new understanding of the monetary operations of modern economies developed. Both Warren and Con have significant experience in the world of finance, Warren having founded a successful hedge fund and Con as the Chief Investment Officer of South Australia’s largest super fund.

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Keep up to date with the latest events and offerings from Modern Money Lab. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, but we will be programming a wide range online and face-to-face events and talks in Adelaide and other major Australian cities.