Modern Money Lab and Torrens University have launched a world first suite of Graduate programs in Modern Monetary Theory and Ecological Economics.


Graduate Studies in the Economics of Sustainability

Launched in September 2022, Modern Money Lab and Torrens University  have joined forces to offer a unique contribution to global economics education.

Torrens University Australia is now accepting applications for a suite of online postgraduate courses in economics and sustainability, based on Modern Monetary Theory and ecological economics, designed by Modern Money Lab.

Enrolments are now open for the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree in the Economics of Sustainability.

Our students come from all over the world and from all walks of life. We are training a new generation of thinkers equipped to solve the problems of the 21st Century. 

As Australia’s fastest growing university, Torrens University Australia brings a careers-focused and global perspective to Australian higher education. With over 20,000 students from 118+ countries, Torrens University boasts a credible industry-immersive difference for its students and strong research output. Offering high-quality, undergraduate, graduate and specialised degree programs in a wide range of academic disciplines, Torrens University proudly delivers programs at campuses in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, China and online.

Contact Modern Money Lab about our 100% online courses in the Economics of Sustainability

Let us know which course you’re interested in and we will send you more information. Trimester intakes are in early February, June and September each year.

“If you’re familiar with Mariana Mazzucato and Kate Raworth, you can think of these courses as a melding together of our work.”

Professor Stephanie Kelton, author of The Deficit Myth

Modern Money Lab and Torrens University Australia course information resources

MML Short Courses

Study Foundations of Real-World Economics and Foundations of Modern Money, Institutions and Markets as stand alone courses, without the compulsory assessments. 

Information Brochures

Download the Torrens University course information brochure for the Graduate Certificate, the Graduate Diploma or Masters Degree in the Economics of Sustainability.

Common Questions

Download Modern Money Lab’s Frequently Asked Questions document to find out about entry requirements, fees and scholarships, and how the courses will be delivered.


  • Foundations of Real-World Economics
  • Foundations of Modern Money, Institutions and Markets
  • Data Analysis for Economic and Ecological Issues
  • Contending Perspectives in Economic Analysis
  • Real-World Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics of the Real World
  • Ecological Economics
  • Inequality, Equity and Employment
  • Sustainable Development Indicators
  • International Finance and Modern Monetary Theory
  • Methods of Empirical Investigation
  • Sustainable Health Economics
  • Professional Economic Writing

Domestic applications link

 Apply online via the Torrens University Australia website.
*This includes Australian and New Zealand Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents and Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders.

International application form

Send your completed form to
*You do not need a student visa to study with us; our courses are 100% online. Some sections of this form have been omitted as they relate to students seeking to travel to Australia.